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Design can get you to look at the world in a different way and make you smile. That’s clever design. Design can be short hand to explain the complex. That’s smart design. Design is the fulcrum that balances function and aesthetics. Then there are the symbols that some mistakenly call design, that confuse, deceive and are devoid of meaning. That’s indulgence. 

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You may need new logo for a new service, product or app. We apply the same rigour and thinking as we do for any other design project because logos have a big job to do, symbolising your offer and creating a compelling first impression.


Identity Design

We design visual identities to address business issues, communicate with audiences and help organisations achieve their long-term goals. A visual identity is not just a logo, but it’s a system consisting of graphics, colours, type treatments and photography styles, a positioning statement or strapline and language. These elements in combination create a toolbox that enables brands to express themselves across all touchpoints. 


Graphic Design

We design for a wide range of needs, from logos, promotions, digital applications and environments to prospectuses and annual reports. While every brief is different, the one common denominator for any work we create is ‘winning’. Some clients want to win an improved reputation, others want to win more demand, sales, traffic and enquiries and the occasional client wants to win a billion dollar contract. We can deliver...even the billion dollar contract. Talk to us now about the winning results you want to achieve.


User Experience Design

As the title suggests, user experience design is a process that relies on research, collaboration, creating thinking and heaps of experience. We start the process by understanding what users want, plot their journey, identity the roadblocks and then design to create simple and intuitive solutions that are accessible, easy to use and visually pleasing. Then we test and refine until we have created the very best user experience.  


User Interface Design UI

We know how to get to grips with what users want and prefer, how they interact and then designing interfaces that are accessible, clear, consistent and easy to understand for a range of platforms, from simple websites to web applications, peer to peer lending platforms and native apps.


Website Design

We design sites from the complex to the simple, from simple informational sites to complex web applications and transactional platforms. The common denominator for every site we design is a branded experience that's simple, visually beautiful, smart and functional. One that anticipates and guides users to enable them to achieve their goals. 


Responsive Design

Creating responsive experiences across all browsers (desktop, tablet, mobile and new devices) is a mandatory. So, we design interfaces that scale effortlessly and attract and engage on any size device. 


Mobile and emerging platforms

Mobile is fast becoming the preferred platform, which requires a different type of design thinking and the use of a range of features and techniques tailored for this environment. Similar challenges exist for emerging platforms, but we’re expert, informed and experienced which means we can create solutions with confidence for any platform.  


Product and Service Design

Envisaging, creating and designing innovative and challenging products and services, whether in the digital or physical world, is a strength of our team. It could be an enhancement that adds a valuable differentiating feature to a new product or the development of a simple app that enables users to easily fulfil a campaign call to action. Whatever it is, we're up for the challenge. 


Packaging Design

It’s surprising what needs to be packaged. Tender documents, specialised gifts and books. And there is conventional packaging which needs a spectacular visual treatment. And we work with skilled producers in New Zealand and off-shore to deliver custom-made solutions.  


Event Design

Events allow you to get closer to your target audiences in a more intimate setting. They play many roles – relationship building, introducing a new service or product or pitching an idea. And they can celebrate important moments for a company, such as 50 years in business. 


Environmental Design

We transport the brand into physical and internal environments to create a whole-of-brand experience through language, graphics, wayfinding and storytelling, for employees and clients in work spaces and customers in retail spaces.  


Corporate Communication

Corporate communication design is second nature to our team, requiring an equal emphasis on design and content development for many of the documents we produce; from annual reports, investment statements and company profiles through to presentations, bid documents, newsletters and custom publications. 


Brand Promotion Design

We commonly create and launch brand promotional campaigns, which means we have the expertise to apply campaign ideas to all range of mediums, from flyers, coupons, store displays, digital and print advertising, to billboards, vehicle wraps, banners and TV and radio, creating powerful, integrated promotions that get noticed, connect, persuade and sell.  


User Testing

When we conduct user testing, we use a range of methods to test assumptions, uncover any problems and evaluate a new website or app, with the objective of making improvements to optimise usability.  




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