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 Design can get you to look at the world in a different way and make you smile.

That’s clever design. Design can be short hand to explain the complex. That’s smart design. Design is the fulcrum that balances function and aesthetics. Then there are the symbols that some mistakenly call design, that confuse, deceive and are devoid of meaning. That’s indulgence.

User Experience Design

As the title suggests, user experience design is a process that relies on research, collaboration, creating thinking and heaps of experience. We start the process by understanding what users want, plot their journey, identity the roadblocks and then design to create simple and intuitive solutions that are accessible, easy to use and visually pleasing. Then we test and refine until we have created the very best user experience.

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User Testing

When we conduct user testing, we use a range of methods to test assumptions, uncover any problems and evaluate a new website or app, with the objective of making improvements to optimise usability.

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User Journey Map

Building a great user experience is impossible without getting to grips with mapping the different customer types and their entire customer journey. This means creating rich personas for each customer type, interrogating their issues and highlighting any self-service opportunities. We regularly conduct and facilitate customer journey workshops with small and large teams.

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