Business of naming

Have all the good business names been taken?

When thinking about brand strategy, naming is essential. It will help establish your brand identity and help ensure you are not confused with your competitors. But have all the good business names been taken?

This selection would suggest they have.

  • A1 Solutions

  • Instant Solutions

  • DHP Solutions

  • New Solutions

  • Solutions Consulting

  • Solution Partners

  • IT Solutions

We’ve all seen names like this before. A bit clichéd, pretty unmemorable and falling short of differentiating the brand from the competition.

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Explain like I'm 5: The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Today the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is due to be signed and with it the largest regional trade deal in history. What's it all about and why are so many people against it?

Redditor, thimblefullofdespair, gives a fantastic explanation about what the TPP is all about.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a multi-layered deal whose particulars have just been agreed upon by the twelve participating countries. Its stated purpose is to reduce tariffs - taxes on bringing your goods into a country or sending them out - and therefore encourage industry by making it cheaper for importers and exporters to conduct business between these countries. Its other stated goal is to create a set of easy rules that businesses can live by when dealing between these countries.

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Cinesift: movie ratings and regional stream availability

By the time it takes you to sift through the Netflix library and decide what to watch, you could be three quarters the way through an episode of The Man in the High Castle (hint: watch this show - amazing). There’s too much content to look at and too few ways of helping us to decide what to watch.

IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic use aggregated user ratings to help us make decisions, if only Netflix and other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu tried to incorporate these powerful tools. Well now there is.

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TWL: Happy cow make more milk

Earlier in the week New Zealanders were outraged when two workers were caught kicking and bludgeoning bobby calves as they loaded them into trucks. In a country that relies so heavily on beef and dairy exports, this sort of behaviour is bizarre, intolerable and thankfully not the norm.

We did a little bit of research and found an article published in 2013 by academic journal Anthrozoos. Scientists from Newcastle University found that by giving a cow a name and treating her as an individual they increased yields by 3.5%.

Today we learnt (TWL) that if we treat our animals with dignity and care, they'll produce better results? Incredible, who would have thought!

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Top Marques Interview: Zagga CEO Marcus Morrison

Zagga, New Zealand's first peer to peer lender specialising in secured loans launched on December 1 2015. While only a 'soft launch', Zagga has already funded over $630,000.

According to chief executive Marcus Morrison a large number of enquiries have come from borrowers interested in its capacity to broker home loans.

Zagga is able to operate outside the loan-to-value restrictions that require banks to limit the amount of lending they do to borrowers with a deposit of less than 20 per cent.

Today we have a chat with Marcus about where he's come from, where he wants to go and what makes Zagga different to other peer to peer lenders.

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Things we learnt from Chris Cairns
  • There’s a gap between common sense and justice

  • You can be found not guilty and still receive a life sentence

  • We prejudge people’s opinions, negatively or positively, based on our perceptions of them

  • There’s a level of interconnectedness between events, media, organisations and people that at times is frightening

  • There’s no hiding

  • Organisations, people and institutions are more visible and accessible than ever

  • Scrutiny can be severe and social media unforgiving

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FedEx logo design critique

A closer look at this iconic logo reveals that the negative space between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’ creates an arrow.

If you haven’t seen it before you have now. Designed by Lindon Leader at Landor Associates in 1994, it has won over 40 awards worldwide and was ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the eight best logos of the past thirty-five years.

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