Corporate communication

Too often corporate communication is dense, dry and stilted. There is no reason why it can’t have some colour and tempo. Content can be crisp, there’s room for informality and succinctness has its rightful place.

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Annual Report

Annual reports educate, apprise, present facts, express opinions, summarise, simplify, analyse, rationalise, represent the brand and communicate key messages. After producing more than 80 annual reports we can strike the right balance between reporting and the faithful expression of the brand. 


Company Profiles

In many circumstances a company profile can be an invaluable means of promoting an organisation’s capability. So, we create profiles that form part of a suite of communication activities to support the strategic positioning of the brand. 


Investment Statements

We’ve produced a range of investments statements some of which have required creating advertising campaigns to promote the offer.  



Great presentations are not reports in disguise. They should be content light, but rich in meaning and leave an impression. With all due respect to Microsoft, PowerPoint won’t cut it. A great presentation needs creativity, a design eye and the tools to bring the content to life.  



Bids for large projects generally require a project theme and brand, high quality tender documents, other rich media and they are often produced under extreme time pressure. We’re experts at managing the process, harnessing the necessary resources, and producing winning competitive tenders. Our capability includes writing, editing, design, photography, video, typesetting and production. 



Newsletters are a great way to keep your brand top of mind, to maintain contact and provide updates. And newsletters can be digital or print. The trick is to get them out on a regular basis. We can help with theming, content development, conducting interviews, photography and writing. 


Custom Publications

Often special occasions and events require a publication of substance. Whether it's a business milestone or to acknowledge the completion of a major project we design and produce publications that have gravitas and longevity.  



We use the brand’s tone of voice to write evocative copy that engages audiences, conveys key messages and creates memorability. We have produced copy for numerous newsletters, websites, annual reports, service and product brochures and company profiles.  


Creative Writing

Using the brand’s tone of voice, we write evocative copy to engage audiences, convey key messages and to create memorability. We use creative writing for a range of purposes, from campaigns to customer activations through to communication activities and brand stories. 


Speech Writing

We love writing and we've written our fair share of speeches that have amused, wowed, attracted and enhanced reputations. Speeches need to connect and possess pace, as well have great content. The process starts with interviewing, which is a skill in itself, then we craft and hone until we have a winner. Often, we'll create a presentation to complement the speech.  



We cull, sharpen and simplify to ensure content is crisp and persuasive. And when there are a number of contributors, we'll create a single voice. 



It’s very easy to make a typo or grammatical error, but it takes a trained eye to spot them. We have the expertise that ensures that the written word is never compromised by unintended and unnecessary errors.  



There’s too much at stake to not transcribe the content of a focus groups, individual interviews or workshops. So, we use a great team who can turn things around overnight if there is a need. 


Brand Promotion




If you have an idea, vision or a project, we can help.

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