Auckland parking prices are set to go through the roof!

Auckland street parking is set to reach $45 per day. But there's hope yet!

Auckland is going through an infrastructure transformation that will go on for the next five years. While the future looks good, the current gridlock problems are so dire they are actually becoming world famous.

The word on the street is that Auckland City Council is about to increase the maximum daily parking limit from $15 to $45. Some may call this greedy, while others view it as a necessity. But the smart ones will see this as an opportunity to offer something new and exciting.

Luxe, a startup in the US, wants you to “fall in love with parking”. I’m a brilliant parker, but not once have I ever said that I loved parking.

Other than their passion for parking, should I care about these guys. Sure I should. They solve the problem of looping round the city looking for a park and then being charged huge fees when you finally find one.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app

  • Message the team and let them know where you’ll drop your car off

  • A valet will pick the car up and park it in a secure parking facility. They’ll even wash and refuel it for you.

  • When you’re ready to leave, flick them a message and they’ll drop your car back to you where ever you are

Aucklanders may eventually fall out of love with their cars, but until public transport improves, they’ll continue to drive. Luxe has found a way to bridge that gap by providing a service that’s cheap, fast and convenient.

People will probably never fall in love with parking, but they may fall in love with Luxe.