Marque Christmas glyph wrapping paper

A little glyph for you


As the Christmas season was approaching, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our clients with a special gift.

We liked the pay it forward mentality of gift wrapping paper, as it encouraged further giving. It was also an environmentally friendly option as the recipients were in control and were only required to print as much as they needed.

A series of glyphs inspired by well-known typefaces was created. The glyphs used the ‘A’ letterform as a skeleton for a stylised Christmas tree that captured the distinctive characteristics of each of the selected typefaces. As the recipients were not designers, we consciously chose familiar typefaces such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, Futura and the infamous Comic Sans MS. A bonus typeface, ‘Hand of Warren’ featured our very own strategist’s (read: in-house doctor) notoriously bad handwriting. 

The result is a gift appropriately named glyph wrapping paper, a play on the words gift and glyph. It is a marriage of Christmas and design, an enabler of more giving, a low cost and environmentally friendly solution, and one that clients can enjoy for years to come. 

A little glyph for you EDM
Unwrap our glyph wrapping paper
Marque glyph wrapping paper
Glyph wrapping paper close up
Marque wrapped box
Comic Sans MS tree
Times New Roman Tree
Hand of Warren tree
What type of Christmas tree are you?