Alta testimonial

I’ve worked with Marque on three separate brands. One of the things that impresses me is the attention they give to developing the brand strategy and sorting out messaging.

This has meant our market communications and positioning has kept us on the front foot and top of mind.

— Rory Bishop, Partner, Alta

Civilshare testimonial

I must admit I was a bit of a novice when it came to branding, but Lezlie took me under her wing and stepped me carefully through the process.

This was important as I immediately understood what the design was saying about my brand. All in all I was pretty stoked with how it was done and the outcome.

— Regan Burke, CEO, CivilShare

Zagga testimonial

The joy of working with Marque is not just genuine, often mind-blowing, creativity… it’s the knowledge and passion for our business and our customers. And they really get the concept of form and function, which is rare.

So while they’ll take you down an amazingly creative path, they’ll never lose sight of the business objectives. They’ll not only deliver the story, but also the functionality and experience that fulfils and enhances it.

— Marcus Morrison, CEO, Zagga

Fletcher testimonial

I’ve worked with Marque on the production of 13 annual reports.

They’re like a well-oiled machine – take the brief, develop the concepts, place in the content and get it printed. No drama, well organised and easy to work with.

— Grant Nicol, Special Projects, Fletcher Building

Bailey Palmer testimonial

The professionalism and personalised service that we got from Marque is unlike any other agency I’ve worked with. Lezlie took the time to understand our business and just got ‘it’. Marque’s work was creative, original and to a very high standard. Thank you!

— Bailey Palmer, Marketing Manager

In Good Company testimonial

My mantra has always been, ‘stay in your lane’. So when it came to a rebranding I called in the experts.

The rebrand involved a change of name so there was a lot at stake.

Marque are really intuitive. They knew when to hold my hand and when it was necessary for me to put my trust in them.

The outcome was more than I had hoped for. Great strategy and smart design resulted in a very happy client.

— Aimee Greenhough, Founder and Director, In Good Company

Race Unity testimonial

Working with the Marque team has been a great experience. We felt listened to and understood every step of the way.

Marque were great at anticipating our needs before we knew what they were.

They made sure they understood what we were trying to achieve and each of the initial options they provided hit the spot – so much so we found it hard to choose between them.

They are very professional but in a friendly, collegiate way – not telling us what they thought we should do, but patiently and gently leading us to what they knew we needed.

The way they gave us feedback and advice really built our confidence that they knew what they were talking about and that they would deliver just what we were looking for. They also responded really well to our feedback - they understood where it was coming from and came up with great solutions to address it.

We were impressed by the speed they turned things around, and we appreciated the way they kept the momentum going, as we all know how easy it is for projects to start flagging after a while.

Marque are a thoroughly talented, professional and generous outfit. We can’t recommend Marque highly enough – for their creativity, their approach and their just all-round wonderfulness to work with.

— Paddy Payne, Organiser for Race Unity

McConnell Dowell testimonial

Marque took on a project that initially had a significant level of internal opposition. The success of the project was due to the very thorough processes they used, their communication skills and professionalism in brand development and presentation to the senior executive team and the superb quality of their work.

— Roger McRae, General Manager, McConnell Dowell, New Zealand

McConnell Dowell testimonial

The process of developing the look and feel of the new offices was great and Marque really challenged our previous ideas of how our brand could be represented. We pride ourselves on creativity in construction and using Marque to develop the branding for our office environment helped us to articulate that in ways that we had not previously considered.

During the process Marque welcomed feedback and used this to further build the branding for our office. We felt included every step of the way and this meant that although Marque did the design we really ‘owned’ what they delivered as a team.

The net result of all of this work was a great office space that remains a real talking point for both staff and visitors.

— Rory Bishop, Construction Manager, McConnell Dowell

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