Brand delivery

A brand needs to be well armed when it’s ready to be cut loose. It needs a set of assets that start working from the moment you unveil your brand to the world, from launch activities, advertising campaigns and activations through to cultural programmes, environmental graphics, comms collateral and digital activities. 

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Brand Launch

The unveiling of any new brand or rebrand starts with an internal launch before the brand is presented to the outside world. Launches come in all shapes and sizes. Some need a lot of fanfare and others are more low key, but whatever the circumstances, a brand launch must always engage and tell a powerful story. 


Promotional collateral

While brand promotion is different for every business, its role is always the same; to support marketing and sales. Generally, the channels are below the line while the range of collateral can vary depending on the audience, from brochures, profiles, custom presentations and case studies, to point of sale, offer emails, videos, catalogues and branded give-aways. 


Communication collateral

The material required to communicate plays a different role to promotional collateral. It is designed to inform and favourably influence key audiences. It uses a range of media from the corporate stationery to newsletters (e and print), videos, reports, white papers, tenders, public and investor relations.  



Most businesses and organisations need something that signals ‘this is where we are’ and ‘who we are’. Often the challenge is trying to stand out in a visual jungle. Our approach is to keep it simple, clean and impactful with the right mix of naming and graphics. 



‘I’ve arrived at the museum, the airport, campus or shopping centre, now where the hell do I go?’ It’s not just a question of directing people from A to B. It’s more a case of guiding them from A to Z and places in between with clarity and assurance.  



It’s surprising what needs to be packaged. Tender documents, specialised gifts and books. And there is conventional packaging, which needs a spectacular visual treatment. We've doen them all. And we also work with skilled production providers in New Zealand and off-shore to deliver custom solutions.  



Exhibitions are all about being seen in the right spaces and places to communicate or promote. Through the use of design, language, activities on the stand and knowledge of foot traffic we create exhibition stands that stop people in their tracks and get talked about. 



Events allow you to get closer to your target audiences in a more intimate setting. They play a number of roles – relationship building, introducing a new service or product or pitching an idea. And they can celebrate important moments for a company’s such as 50 years in business.  



A number of opportunities are on offer – hosting, exhibition stand, branded gifts, sponsorship of a session. Or you may be hosting the conference. Whatever the level of participation we can help with planning, speech writing and presentations to ensure your presence or conference is a successful feature of your promotional programme. 


Office branding

We transport the brand into internal environments to create a whole-of-office experience for employees through language, graphics and storytelling. It also provides another opportunity for brand engagement with clients, business partners and prospective clients.


If you have an idea, vision or a project, we can help.

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